The embattled National Chairman of the APC, Adams Oshiomhole says he will remain committed to the oath of office he took while being sworn-in.

The former labour leader said this in an interview in Abuja following reports that he was being interrogated by the DSS over fraud allegations.

"There are other agencies of government set up to investigate allegations of fraud.

"We have the EFCC and in particular the ICPC. The DSS deals with matters of security and that was what our conversation was about", he said.

Speaking on the claims of 3 state governors that his actions are derailing and dividing the APC family, Oshiomhole says real change cannot be attained without pain.

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"I have always said that all my life I find myself fighting on the side of the oppressed.

"I am aware from my long time in struggle that when you choose cautiously not to oblige not to stand with people in power but to side with the oppressed and you insist on the rules and you are determined even if it means stepping on toes; it is guaranteed that those who are beneficiaries of status quo will fight back.

"But I am not at the mercy of anyone. I am at the mercy of God.

"And I know that as long as I stick to the truth and I stubbornly insist on the rules and I refuse to be intimidated; I am on. I am fine. I am not at the mercy of anyone.

"You speak about two or three governors who are aggrieved. What about the remaining 20 who are not?"