The All progressives Congress (APC) has begun rebranding ahead of the 2019 general elections by changing its official slogan.

The party during its national convention on Saturday changed its slogan from ‘Change’ to ‘Progress’.

The change was announced by one of the Master of Ceremonies that the delegates should no longer chorus ‘change’ anytime the name of the party is chanted.

“I want to announce that when we shout APC, the appropriate response should now be Progress and not Change”, he announced.

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Articles 4 of the APC Constitution as amended lists ‘Change’ as the slogan of the party. That section of the party constitution has not been amended.

The slogan change might not be unconnected with the reactions of some Nigerians over the performance of the party since it assumed power over three years ago.

Many Nigerians have decided to adopt the slogan, ‘Change the change’ in an apparent reference to challenging the APC in the 2019 general elections.