Former Edo state governor, Adams Oshiomhole is not taking chances as the All Progressives Congress (APC) national convention gets closer.

The former labour leader wants to be the next APC National Chairman and he knows he needs the senators to achieve this.

He visited Senate President Bukola Saraki on Tuesday in Abuja to solicit the support of APC senators as the party's National Chairman ahead of next month’s National Convention of APC.

This is what he said at the meeting:

“The various organs of the party haven't functioned in the manner that was anticipated. And I believe that without those organs functioning, we are just a collection of individuals.

“We can speak to a party when party members at various levels meet, debate and agree on a particular direction. And that agreement becomes the party's position.

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“I think we've had a couple of problems but I'm convinced that by my background and as one who has also grown to become a governor but never oppressed anyone, I think I have passed through all the stages and I am fairly informed about the challenges of governance and the challenges of a political party.

“I believe that given the opportunity to chair our party, that there are couple of things we must necessarily do differently.

“We cannot dream of a party in which there are no disagreements. If we have one like that, it means the party is not democratic.

“In a genuine democracy, nobody will seem to be able to get everything that he wants. But everybody can get everything that we are able to negotiate. And the driver of this process has to compromise.

“And when we approach matters with an open mind, we can do business. I am confident that working with leaders with open mind, all of these issues can be resolved.

“I just want to assure Your Excellencies that working with you, I believe the All Progressives Congress can and will fulfill its mission and become a party that is different.

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“Having been a governor for eight years, I have some understanding between the Legislature and the Executive whether at the federal or state level, and therefore equipped with this experience.

“I believe that the party will not be a spectator or a siddon-look party while various arms of government are at each other's throat.

“We have a common opponent that is not difficult to identify. And we know who is our opponent. We cannot be opponents of ourselves.

“I believe that working and getting support from all of you that together we can re-brand our party, strengthen it, give it a more positive image, giving our owners a sense of ownership and participation.

“Together we will confront the forthcoming election and remind Nigerians that even if we haven't fixed all the problems, there is no question that there is a genuine commitment to begin to address those problems and that we can't fix in three years what was destroyed in 16 years and a journey of a million miles starts with one correct step.

“We have the duty to reassure Nigerians that this party is capable of delivering and sustaining the change that we promised.”

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