Another Nigerian, Celestine Nwokeocha, has been allegedly killed by South African Police officials.

Reports by Nigerians in South Africa said that Nwokeocha was tortured and beaten to death in his house. 

The President of the Nigerian Union in South Africa, Mr Adetola Olubajo, hinted the News Agency of Nigeria of the death of the 36-year-old Nigerian.

Mr Olubajo and other Nigerians living in South Africa expressed displeasure with the alleged killing.

He said eyewitnesses reported that Nwokeocha was allegedly tortured and beaten to death in his house at Sasolburg area of Free State Province by the police on January 15.

“An inquest docket has been opened at Zamdela Police Station, Sasolburg, with case number 183/01/2019.

“Also, Independent Police Investigation Department (IPID) is involved in the case and we have been assured that justice would be served in the matter,” he said.

According to Olubajo, two witnesses, Nonso, a Nigerian and Palesa, a South African, were arrested by the same police officers that allegedly killed Nwokeocha.

“The witnesses, however, appeared in court on January 17, but while the South African, Palesa was granted bail, Nonso, who is a Nigerian was denied bail.

“Autopsy has been done by one Dr Humphris and no sign of any substance was found in the deceased stomach.

“But there are bruises on his face, blood in his mouth and two bruises on his chest; a sign of lack of oxygen,” the President said.

He advised Nigerians resident in Sasolburg to stay calm and remain law abiding while the union works to find justice for the deceased.

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He also requested that Nigerians should avoid engaging in activities that would jeopardise the successful prosecution of the alleged police officers.

“Nwokeocha is survived by his wife and seven-month old baby girl,” Olubajo said.

Also, on the matter, the office of the Consulate General of Nigeria in South Africa, condemned the killing of Nwokeocha.

Mr Laren Jingina, the Vice-Consul, Information and Culture, said: “The Consulate detests in strongest terms, infringements of the law by security agents".

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