This is the second execution on the street in front of thousands of people in the Yemeni Capital, Sanaa against convicts of raping and murdering children in exactly two weeks.

The man, 22-year-old Hussein Abdullah al-Sakit, was brought in a heavy guarded police vehicle to Tahrir Square in downtown Sanaa.

Handcuffed, face-down, he was put down to the ground in the middle of the square and a soldier fired around seven shots from his AK-47 from a very close distance.


Overwhelmed with tears, the father and family members of the victim, five-year-old Safa Mohammed Tahir, commended the execution.

A big crane then pulled the body of al-Sakit and raised it about 30 meters up in the air for about half an hour amid a large-scale approval from thousands of the onlookers.

“God is the greatest; thanks for the justice,” the crowd loudly shouted.

On July 31, the judicial authorities executed Muhammad al-Maghrabi, 41, in the same square for raping and murdering three-year-old girl Rana al-Matary. 

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