Nigerian ‘science students’ may be considering moving to Malawi.

The country ’s parliament has drafted a bill targeted at legalizing marijuana farming in Malawi, both for industrial and medical use.

The national assembly will meet very soon to debate about the bill.

This move comes after a decline in tobacco sales following the impact of long-running anti-smoking campaigns led by organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO).

Boniface Kadzamila, a member of parliament, said in an interview: " It has been proven on the international market that the crop is lucrative, so to legalize this crop will be very vital for Malawi.

Growing marijuana industrially is economically beneficial as an acre with 2,500 plants can fetch up to $60,000(21 million Naira) in states where marijuana has been legalized in the United States.

If approved Malawi will join African countries like  Zimbabwe, Lesotho and South Africa, who have already legalized marijuana farming.

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