Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has said critics who called her out for  ‘twerking up a storm,’  are hypocrites.

Anita Joseph in a recent interview that most people who are criticizing her twerking videos on social media, have it on their phones and laptops.

“I don’t care about people that had negative things to say about the video. Nollywood made me and I am grateful to the industry. Many of the people that criticised me are hypocrites. Some of them still use my videos and pictures to ‘help’ themselves.

''They have it on their laptops and phones. Despite all the noise, two companies recently signed me as a brand ambassador. One of them is a cosmetics company and the other is a travel agency. I will continue to do what I know how to do best” she said.

The well endowed actress who recently shared a picture of herself and a mystery man sharing a bathtub denied that the picture was an indication that she would be getting married soon.

 “No one should know that part. It’s supposed to be confidential” she explained.

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