It was a morning of anguish and frustration as men of the Environmental Sanitation Authority/Cleanliness and Waste Management Agency commenced demolition of illegal shops at the Isaac Boro express way in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State yesterday, Tuesday March 13th.

The Sanitation boss, Mr Eguruze Pereowei with his Cleanliness/Waste Management counterpart supervised the demolition which commenced at about 11.45am.

Eguruze stated that the shop owners had been warned since 2017 to relocate their shops or move a little farther from the major road but they refused, hence the demolition.

Meanwhile, one of the traders who spoke to Bounce News revealed that the same Sanitation agents who came for the demolition, collected the sum of one thousand naira from them at the end of every month.

They were therefore surprised when they were asked to vacate the area completely this week. She further said that there was no directive as to where they would move to.

Some of the offenders were arrested with their goods seized and umbrellas burnt, while some male traders who wanted to bribe the officials were immediately arrested.

One of the traders who's an elderly woman was crying bitterly and raining curses on the Sanitation workers saying that they've destroyed her only source of livelihood.