Six days to the Anambra governorship election, five leading candidates have presented their programmes to the electorate.

The candidates are Dr. Tony Nwoye of All Progressives Congress (APC); Governor Willie Obiano of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA); Dr. Oseloka Obaze of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP); Godwin Ezeemo of Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA); and Osita Chidioka of United People Party (UPP).

Answering questions during a debate organized by Channels TV on Sunday, the candidates took turns to address issues relating to the economy, infrastructure, governance and Biafra agitation.

The Incumbent

Obiano said he grew the Anambra State economy by N1 trillion from N2.8 trillion in the administration of his predecessor to N3.98 trillion within three and half years in the office.

The APGA candidate stressed that prior to his administration, insecurity had eaten deep into the economic fabrics of the state, saying that within a year, he arrested insecurity which gave rise to influx of investors, social and economic activities.

He said, “69 people were kidnapped in the previous administration, but now, people are enjoying, walking freely and bringing traditional marriages home.

“The security in the state has attracted wealth to the state. Today, Anambra gets a billion naira every month."

He also claimed his policies are working and the state is among the few that are not owing salaries.

"I have maintained constant payment of salary. My policies prevented Anambra from experiencing recession.”

willie obiano

Obiano declined to speak on the quarrel between him and his predecessor, Peter Obi, who has been leading the campaign against him through the candidature of Obaze, the PDP governorship candidate.

He, however, said a demand to pay certain amount of money was made on him for allegedly funding his campaign but he declined because they did not owe any body.

Obiano said, “Yes, there was an agreement between I and Peter Obi but I declined the agreement.”

The 'Roads' Man

Nwoye on the other hand announced that he would industrialise Anambra State by attracting foreign investors.

He said he will pay adequate attention to power when elected. Nwoye said his administration would anchor on education, health, housing, infrastructure, and portable water.

“I will bring good roads and portable water to the people. I will build vast roads especially in the rural communities to connect other agrarian communities to expedite exportation.”

Nwoye debunked the allegation associating him with cultism and vandalism, saying he had been protecting the rights of the people as an activist.

He said part of the reasons he wants to be governor is to block wastages and cut excessive appointments of redundant SA’s and SSA’s in government.

Obi's Annointed

The candidate of the PDP, Obaze, said what Anambra needs is a serious government that would focus on the people and make education its top priority.

He said only a man with integrity operating in a peaceful environment will attract the needed development to Anambra State.

Obaze stated that he would fix the state to retain its glorious position which it had lost.

"I believe this state is no longer working. We need to take our children back to the school through free education. We need good governance. we will do local government election within six months."

The Fresh One

Chidoka said vision for contesting the governorship position is to change the bearing and infrastructural decay in the state.

"Anambra state ranks 37 out of 37 in terms of corruption. so, we will apply vision, execution and sustainability. we will apply the concepts of Uche (Consciousness)."

He said his decision to support the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu is not to gain political support but to ensure that the constitution and the law takes its cause.

Chidoka also said that, “Groups have the right to express grievances but if done against the law, then the law should take its course.”

osita chidoka

Chidoka also talked about his decision to run with UPP.  According to him, “The UPP approximates my thoughts and believes at this time.

"Nigerian state is a product of negotiation. I believe that when Nigerian components freely subscribes with negotiation, then we will have a better country.

"My desire to become governor is to make education of our children supreme.

The Business Man

The Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA) candidate, Godwin Ezeemo, believes that investing in the people of the state is the best way to achieve development.

He said his decision to run is not a matter desperation, but a matter of necessity, noting Anambra is in trouble

"I am a business man. I have decided to come down, sacrificing my comfort zone to work for Anambra.

"We will ensure that police and civilians work together to ensure better security. I will work for skill-bades education because am an industrialist."

Unfortunately, none of the candidates spoke specifically about "how" they intend to transform the state using the right strategies

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