Members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have threatened to kill anyone who attempts to vote in the November 18 Anambra governorship poll.

The members of the proscribed body on Friday took to the streets of Onitsha, the state’s commercial capital, and vowed to disrupt the electoral process.

In a short video, the members asked residents to stay in their homes because “there will be no election”.

They said, ““If you vote you will die. Don’t go out, stay in your house. If you vote on November 18, you will die. We are not running around for the zoo.

“There will be no election. We will not participate, we will not vote. Nothing concerns us with any election. We are formidable.

“We are in Onitsha to tell the federal government to produce Kanu. They should release all the Biafrans in Nigerian prisons.”

Emma Powerful, the group’s media and publicity secretary, said the Onitsha demonstration is to show the world IPOB is still strong and is not intimidated by the federal government.

“Today in Onitsha, we broke the python Buratai, Ohanaeze, Obiano and Igbo governors brought to our land. Anybody doubting the resolve of IPOB under the supreme command of Nnamdi Kanu is mistaken.

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“We will put Anambra State on lockdown on November 18. This is a taste of what is to come. Nigeria should be prepared.

“It is also very critical to inform every Biafran, be you IPOB family member, businessman, farmer, artisan, driver, teacher, doctor, motorcycle/tricycle union, civil servant, trader, market leader, National Union of Road Transport Workers, National Association of Road Transport Owners, fisherman, market men and women, including politicians who believe in freedom and liberty of a free independent State of Biafra, to boycott the Anambra State election,” he told The Punch.

“They will be morally bound to consider a possible date for Biafra’s referendum for independence without delay. A vote in Anambra elections will mean electing into office the same people who, over the years, have been responsible for the death, pain, misery, agony and suffering of our people. We would have only succeeded in renewing our suffering for another four years,” he added.

In response to this, both the police and army have mobilised a large contingent to maintain law and order.

WATCH: IPOB members threatens Anambra residents with death if they vote on November 18