How would you feel losing your manhood?

Perhaps, it could even feel more awkward knowing you walk around with another man's 'John Thomas'.

But that is the feat some American surgeons have accomplished lately.

For the first time, a team of US surgeons from Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, have managed to transplant the penis and scrotum from a deceased donor to a recipient who had lost his genital organs during armed service.

According to a report by Medical News Today, the surgeons had been planning such an intervention since 2013.

In the telebriefing statement of the institution’s genitourinary programme, the programmme’s clinical director, Dr. Rick Redett, called the procedure “the culmination of more than 5 years of research and collaboration across multiple disciplines.”

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The successful transplant was performed last month on a United States war veteran who lost his genital organs after the unexpected explosion of an improvised explosive device, MNT reported.

“It’s a real mind-boggling injury to suffer, it is not an easy one to accept,” confessed the recipient, who prefers to preserve his anonymity.

The transplant, he said, finally gave him back a measure of confidence and stability.

“When I first woke up [after the intervention], I felt finally more normal… [and with] a level of confidence as well. Confidence… like finally I’m okay now,” he explains.

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