Abule Egba is ready for business. 

At the beginning of this project, residents were irate and complained of immense hardships but they endured. They swallowed the bitter pills.

But they danced tirelessly on Wednesday as Lagos Governor, Akinwumi Ambode commissioned the project promising to make the area the new Victoria Island.

When the construction of the Abule Egba Bridge targeted at reducing traffic congestion at the intersection leading to Agege and Iyana Ipaja began, residents of the area never knew the extent of transformation knocking on their doors.

While commuters going to Agege will go under the bridge, those heading to Iyana Ipaja will move up.

It will save man-hours lost in traffic jam and open the area up to investors.

More revelation's in the store of the government were opened by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, as he commissioned the bridge.

Abule Egba Bridge Commissioning.

The Governor was received with excitement and delight as residents and commuters came out in their thousands.

Patiently they had waited for the governor to come.

'Ambo! Ambo!!, Ambo!!!, the crowd screamed as his convoy approached the location, most of them standing on the over 25 feet bridge.

Few minutes after he arrived, Governor Ambode gave a speech that was also greeted with more screams.

He had told the crowd that the government's plan is to turn the area to a replica of a beautiful place that most Lagos residents dream of - Victoria Island.

Abule Egba Bridge Commissioning.

Governor Ambode also told the gathering that there is another plan to built a Shopping mall at Oke Odo area.

On transportation, Ambode says the mega city bus, BRT, would be provided for the route that links Lagos and neighbouring Ogun State.

Are Abule Egbe residents Ready To Pay VI Rent?

The law of economics are likely to come into play. Development always comes at a cost.  

People leaving around the area before now wake up as early as 4:00 a.m. to prepare for work and beat the traffic congestion at Abule Egba.

Residents should be ready to face their Lagos landlords new demands. To live in a big man area, you must pay the big man price.

Eko o ni baje o!