If you push wheelbarrow or cart  to survive, you may just have to look for another job for yourself. 

Those who require their services to move their goods from from a market to a convenient place ma now need to depend on the 'alabaru' for that service.

This is because their services is at variance with the Lagos State mega city dream. 

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode has banned the operations of cart pushers and wheelbarrow operators in the state.

The decision of the governor follows revelations that the cart pushers were responsible for most of the illegal dumping of waste in canals and road medians at night.

Ambode in statement issued by the  Secretary to the State Government,Tunji Bello said that with the flag off of the Cleaner Lagos Initiative (CLI), the continuous activities of cart pushers would pose a threat to the success of the initiative.

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Bello said that aside from constituting environmental nuisance, they also constitute security threat.

“What the state government has discovered is that these people use the night to perpetrate all sorts of dastardly acts,” he said in a statement.

“They dump refuse indiscriminately on the median of major roads and highways.

“They also pose serious security threats because they use those carts to hide arms and ammunition under the guise of carrying refuse to rob unsuspecting residents,” the government said.

Most wheelbarrow and cart pushers are seen in markets and they help people buying goods convey their items from the market to their vehicles or to major roads where they could get a commercial vehicles.