Building a mega or smart city without resolving gridlocks is practically impossible.

Rush hour traffic and the sometimes cumbersome road network in Lagos has forced some people and businesses to relocate.

But smart thinkers are finding solutions to such traffic situations in Lagos and other countries. 

Estonia free transport system

A country in Northern Europe, Estonia, is exploring new ideas in tackling traffic issues in some of its cities. 

Free public transportation is a solution it is exploring. 

Something that was introduced five years ago in the capital city, Tallinn has proved so popular that the Estonian government is planning to roll out free bus travel across the country.

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Tallinn’s network of buses, trams, trains and trolley buses are offering the service in the capital city.

Estonia free transport system

All people had to do was register as a resident of the city, and pay €2 for a “green card” and then a free ride is enjoyed.

Guess What Has Happened?

Every good thing that comes has a way of spreading to other places and here is proof.

From July 1, every county in Estonia can implement free public transport for its residents and it will work 24/7.

It is not a must for counties to take the option, but the additional funding that comes from the budget for the service will not get to the county.

Outside Estonia, cities in France and Germany are considering making public transport free to reduce traffic and air pollution, and Wales in the UK is experimenting with free weekend bus travel.

But if Estonia’s plan is successful, it will become the world’s first free public transport nation.

Will It Work In Nigeria?

In Nigeria, one city that traffic is killing is Lagos State. 

nigeria traffic

If public transportation was to become free for the 20 million residents in Lagos, people will avoid fueling their vehicles and maintaining them. 

The state government is already running different bus services that are not free, but are more affordable and comfortable compared to private operators.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and Nigerians will only hope that the government of the nation will channel some funds to this initiative.

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Benefits For Every Nation

Apart from addressing traffic and pollution, the idea, if implemented, would make people begin to channel funds used in maintaining and fueling cars to establishing SMEs. 

It will also ensure that hours are not wasted in traffic, and this will increase productivity. 

Is this what business moguls, Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola and Governor Akinwunmi Ambode had in mind when they took that public transport ride?