So, a former security guard with Andela has been accepted into its latest developer bootcamp.

Andela is a company that specialises in training software developers. 

Andela’s Vice President of Global Operations Seni Sulyman disclosed this in a tweet on Friday.

“Just found out that one of the security guards from Andela’s previous Yaba office got accepted into our latest developer bootcamp. I am blown away by this. This IS the definition of unlocking human potential. Feeling incredibly proud of the team,” he tweeted on his handle @senisulyman.

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He then sent another tweet confirming that the guy had been fully accepted into Andela’s fellowship.

Replying to the tweet, some of his followers also mentioned other regular folks, who had made it into Andela as developers.

Babajide Duroshola who is a Community Manager, Technical Talent at Andela tweeted: “He has been accepted into the fellowship!!! (Referring to the security guard). Have you heard of the guy who was selling ice cream at Ying Yang in Maryland mall? Well he is in cohort 35.”

Another Andela teacher, Gbenga Osowe replied: “Or the one that sold ice cream at Hans & Rene? Or the one working at a computer shop and was referred to Andela by a DJ who came to play at our event. She's crushing it now.”

We are already making effort to get the former security guard to share his story with Bounce News.

Hope this inspires you to aspire to take that bold step in realizing your dream.

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