The world continues to be an unfolding possibility.

You may never have imagined an artist that is not human.

But here you have it, an Indian elephant that is a painter.

For some unknown reasons, the animal enjoys wielding a brush, and the paintings it created have now been auctioned off by a Hungarian traveling circus on Saturday.

The 42-year-old elephant, named Sandra had three of her abstract canvasses, with coloured lines flowing across them resembling rivers, sold for $150 each.

A painting depicting Sandra herself, done by a Hungarian painter, sold for 260,000 forints. The money will be offered to an elephant sanctuary in Malaysia.

Sandra paints with her trunk purely for pleasure, according to her owner and trainer Florian Richter, a horse acrobat and circus director.

Sandra, who was already well practised in a circus trick involving a shaving brush, was given a paintbrush and she quickly adapted her skills to the canvas.

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Richter said that unlike many elephants in Thailand that are thought to be forced to paint, Sandra does it by herself when she is in the mood.

“I only help her with changing the brushes and putting them into paints but she does the rest by herself more or less. I praise her by saying ‘oh this is really good, or not so good’,” Richter said. “We have been together for 40 years so this is a family connection.”

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