Politics can give a man plenty tongues.

The Minister Of Power, Babatunde Fashola, seems to have developed quite a few.

In April last year, Fashola directed the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission to immediately wind down (stop) its alternative metering scheme, the Credited Advance Payment for Metering Initiative, which allowed customers to pay for electricity meters from their respective Discos.

But now, he has come out to say that the Federal Government will no longer oppose the wishes of electricity consumers that are willing to pay for meters from their distribution companies based on agreement between both parties as endorsed by the power sector regulator.

In his speech at the 18th monthly power sector meeting in Abuja on Tuesday, Fashola stated that he had been receiving several requests from the Discos that their customers still wanted to pay for meters.

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“Please, recall that government had in the past attempted to intervene in meter supply through CAPMI, which ultimately I decided we should wind down because of the distrust and disaffection it was creating between consumers and Discos, with government caught in the middle with numerous petitions by customers who paid for meters that were not delivered within the approved time.

“Some Discos have come back to say that their customers still want to pay for meters and they can reach agreements with them on how to pay for it.

“Government will not stand in the way of such an agreement. It is consistent with the intent of privatisation envisioned by the Electric Power Sector Reform Act or at least it does not violate the Act,” Fashola said.

The Minister did not, however, say if there were submitted voluntary requests made by customers for meters.

Will the Discos jump on this and make buying of meters solely a customer's business or ensure that only those willing to buy make such purchases? Time shall tell.

Nigerians have been paying for darkness for years now, a report by the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project highlighted.

Huge amount of money has been invested in the sector but there is no tangible improvement in power supply.

Nigeria is bedeviled with so much challenges and some Nigerians are willing to leave the country, to any other part of the world, with some taking the dangerous road journey to Europe. 

Here is a video that shows why Nigerians will go to Europe by all means. #BeninToEurope5050