The issue of restructuring Nigeria came back to focus after President Buhari’s New Year speech and many reactions are still pouring in.

But many Nigerians do not understand what politicians mean with their different definitions of the kind of restructuring that Nigeria needs.

As for the former president of Aka Ikenga, Gordy Uwazurike, the current structure of Nigeria seems to leave things to chance.

He is one of those who believes Nigeria needs restructuring and not just a review of processes as suggested by the President.

One issue is the level productivity and economic prosperity which he judged on the basis of industrialization and agricultural growth.

He believes the current structure of the country affects everything negatively due to insecurity which is a byproduct of a lack of proper structure.

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“If you are going to invest in Rivers state today, what is it that will come to your mind as an industrialist? The 20 people who were killed and Governor Amaechi who has refused to grow up even as a minister,” he said.

Insecurity is understandable but one wonders how the personal political battles of Transport Minister, Rotimi Amaechi highlights the need for restructuring.

Perhaps the sometimes tough love relationship between the federal and state governments is what Uwazurike was trying to highlight.

He went on to explain that agriculture, another sector where productivity can be measured, is also a major victim of the current Nigerian structure owing also to insecurity.

“There is this massive insecurity among farmers. Remember that the food baskets are the Middlebelt, northcentral and the northeast but Boko haram has made that a no-go area.

“Then you come down to southeast, south-south, and even southwest, you have activities of herdsmen.

“If you allow herdsmen come in with their cattle, they destroy whatever you have, if you confront them they kill you.

“The military is not confronting them, they confronted IPOB but did not confront the herdsmen,” he argued.


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