You cannot slam comedians and get away with it, when Alibaba is still alive.

Recognized as the most respected funnyman in the land, Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, has reacted to the trending video of a ‘man of God’ saying stand up comedy has no place in church.

In the video, Senior Pastor of Foundation of Truth Assembly, Reverend Yomi Kasali, frowned at comedians using churches as their comedy stage while berating pastors who approve it.

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He also that said the day a Christian laughs at a comedian cracking a joke abusing God or men of God, then such a person is no longer a Christian.

Alibaba responded on Instagram saying  that there is nothing wrong with a sense of humour in a Christian gathering.

“The problem is allowing people who do not know the limits of hilarity to desecrate the sacred institutions and it’s custodians. Humour is God sent.” the comedian pointed out.

Read his full post below:

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