Veteran comedian and actor, Ali Baba, is angry at calls for the release of kidnap kingpin, ‘Evans’.

In the post, which he shared on Instagram, the comedian also spoke on some of the societal issues facing the nation and the now famous Chkwudubem Onwuamadike aka Evans' 

“How much was your paid tax since you are the owner of all these wealth indicators? How did you make the money? 

“Can you imagine some idiots are asking that a confessed kidnapper be freed? We are not talking petty thieves, who steal food to feed his family. Someone who caused families pain. Made the lives of their victims hell. And even got some killed. How do you people sleep at night? 

“I have a friend, a commissioner in Ogun State, whose father-in-law was kidnapped, the ransom was demanded and paid. Yet, over 5 or 6 years on, the body of the man has not been found. Did you see the robbers in the Zenith bank video that went viral? How can you listen to such heartless criminals and say it's okay to forgive.

 “How would the family of the police officer take it? Now you know why corruption is fighting back. All those who have survived through lawlessness and illicit businesses are the ones fighting back on behalf of corruption. Same goes for so-called unknown soldiers,” Ali Baba said.