Alex Ozone recently came back from touring Europe with Dancehall star Patoranking, and has taken Tekno, Terry G, Oritsefemi, Skales and Jaywon to music tours in Europe, Asia and North America.

He was not born with a silver spoon. He was abandoned on the street with nowhere to go, but he was determined to aspire for greatness.

Alex Ozone  is not his real name. But everyone calls him that name.

Not minding his past, Alex was determined to have a makeover in his life and career, and it all started when he was duped by a kinsman after he turned 17 in 1996.


After working as an apprentice for a pharmacist for 5 years, the money used to ‘settle’ him was given to the man who brought him to Lagos when he was 12 years old.

His former boss gave his kinsman who brought him from Ebonyi state, 10,000 Naira to pay for his 5 year service. His kinsman, whose name is Sunday, told Alex to meet him at Idumota in Lagos Island to collect his money and he never showed up.

"A friend from where I use to work gave me 2,000 Naira that I used to transport myself back home, with hope that Sunday the person that was given my ‘settlement money’ of 10,000 Naira will be in the village.

"But I did not see Sunday again and when I went to my village, my father helped me look for him, but Sunday was nowhere to be found.” He sadly said.

He got another opportunity to serve someone in Idumota again for 5 years, but told his brother to go in his place as he had no interest in going back to Lagos to work for anybody.

“I knew I had the potential in me to be great, and achieve something for myself, but I did not know what or how” he said.

After staying in the village for about a year, Alex took a night bus from Abakaliki to Lagos. He stood all the way till the bus dropped him in Yaba.

“I went straight to Ojuelegba to a place where I normally eat rice on Sunday, and I asked the man to allow me spend the night in his restaurant, he agreed. I ended up spending 6 months there working as a waiter” he said.

Alex was paid 5,000 Naira per month and was able to save 20,000 Naira. The man’s shop was eventually demolished by the Bola Tinubu government,  so he went to Idumota to find people he knew while he was serving his first boss.

They helped him get a shop where he started selling clothes.

"I paid for half of a shop where I sold clothes, but this is not me, people were owing me because they were always taking clothes on credit.

"After 2 years I traveled to the village in 2,000. I had nothing. I lived with a friend that sells stationery, I traveled because people told my mother that I was doing nothing in Lagos," he said.

He came back to Lagos in January 2001, and got an offer to travel to Europe by road, and paid 200,000 Naira for this dangerous trip. They traveled from Maiduguri, through Chad to Libya.

“It took us 8 days, I saw people dying, I saw people drinking their urine. I went through hell. They said we should go with gala and water, because the gala will survive the 8 days.”

He says that when they reached Libya, it was only 200 people that crossed at a time at night, and he was the 201st person so he missed the last crossing and had to wait for the next one.

”God saved me. The 200 in the batch I missed all perished in the sea. I called my uncle who was then the state minister of industry but he did not help me, so I called my other brother who was his assistant, he sent me money I used to return to Nigeria.

“When I got back to Nigeria I went to Sunday’s brothers shop, and took 300,000 Naira by force, this money was taken with interest.  I was ready to do anything. I told him to call police, I went with 2 ‘area boys’ from ojuelegba, I gave them 100,000. I got accommodation in lawanson, because I needed a roof over my head.”

During this period he also worked as a part-time bus conduct at Kilo area in Aguda, so that he could buy food to eat.

"I met Charly boy’s brother, Geoffrey Oputa that is how I got into entertainment. I was an angry young person. He was the one that changed my life, he never gave up on me.

"He came to see me at home, and he was kind to me, he started introducing me to his friends including his brother Charly boy, so it was in Charly boy's house I started meeting celebrities."

Alex  went on to manage a night club in 2009 owned by someone he met through Charly Boy.

In 2010, Geoffrey Oputa helped him register his company, it was in that year that he organized his first music show in the present Club Uno, now run by Pretty Mike.

The show was a flop, but he was encouraged by Geoffrey Oputa who eventually gave him his first car.  The club was eventually closed by the Lagos state government, so he went on to promote Terry G when his song ‘Free Madness’ was popular.

“Terry G gave me the spotlight. I did promotion, I was putting up shows and promoting artists. I was promoting Terry G, people were associating me with the artiste.

“The opportunity came for a Europe Tour for terry G, the promoter asked me to get a passport. There were about 6 of us that applied for visas but only me and Terry G got visas, his manager, the official promoter and his wife were not given visas, so the promoter paid for my flight to France.

“That is how taking artistes on tour abroad started, by divine accident. People abroad started trusting me and booking artists through me. It’s just God” he said.

He will be taking Kiss Daniel on tour in a few months.