After the 2016 governorship election in Ondo State which he won, governor Rotimi Akeredolu made public his intention to leave politics for the politicians and face the business of governance.

Apart from some of his unpopular policies with the people, the Governor true to his statement seems to have stayed away from the conventional politics of the APC in the last one year of his reign.

But on Friday, the protocol appeared to have been broken by the governor when he was sighted on the campaign train of the APC Ekiti state governorship candidate, Kayode Fayemi in Ado Ekiti.

To many onlookers who are not that familiar with the political terrain of the country, it was difficult to ascertain who actually is the real governorship contender between Akeredolu and Fayemi.

While Fayemi duly resigned his appointment last week as minister of Solid Mineral Resources to face the rigours of electioneering campaign in his state, Akeredolu practically abandoned his duty as governor to join Fayemi's welcome-back rally in Ado Ekiti.

In the same manner, Akeredolu's action seems to have confirmed the statement he allegedly made in Abuja at the inauguration of the 77-man National Campaign Council to secure victory for APC in Ekiti in which he is a member.

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The governor was alleged to have told his audience that he is ready to spend two month allocations of his state on Fayemi's election in Ekiti.

Since the day of the rally and the bloodshed that accompanied it, Akeredolu has been under severe attack and unfriendly criticism by the people he claims to govern in Ondo state.

Lanke Adetutu, an indigene of Akure frowned at the rationale behind the Governor's decision to abandon his responsibility for a rally in another state.

"What is the business of Ondo state government in Ekiti election? Is Aketi eligible to vote during Ekiti election? It is a sheer act of irresponsibility on the part of the governor?

"If all the governor in Nigeria decided to invade Ekiti because their friend is contesting an election, what do you think would have happened to the people of the state?"

Bisi Olagbade, a civil servant said the governor has made a mockery of his office.

"This is total mockery of the state executive office. What Fayemi did was just a welcome rally and not yet a proper campaign.

"What if the campaign has started, what would Akeredolu have done? Am sure he would relocate completely to Ekiti state because of Fayemi."

Also, a top civil servant in the state believed that the rain of bullets at the rally was the handwork of Akeredolu's boys.

"The whole thing was well planned out by Akeredolu's boys. It was a deliberate attempt to disrupt the rally in order to give the incumbent governor a bad name.

"Similar thing happened in 2014, then I was in Ado when the then PDP governorship campaign clashed with that of APC and one person was killed.

"Immediately, they dropped APC flag on his body and claimed that he was killed by the PDP. It is unfortunate that Akeredolu who does not understand the politics of Ekiti state is getting himself involved in that mess. This is a man whose house is under fire but prefers to put out another man's."

Akeredolu led the All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate, Dr. Kayode Fayemi to Ekiti in a show of federal might and in the process, seven people were hit by police bullets.

In a statement issued by Lere Olayinka, Special Assistant to the Ekiti state Governor on new media, Akeredolu and Fayemi should be held responsible for the breakdown of law and order in Ekiti State.

The statement was however refuted by the chief Press secretary to the Ondo State governor, Segun Ajiboye.

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