The Governor of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi, has said that if Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad could be subjected to abuses and disrespect, mere mortal President Muhammadu Buhari should expect more.

Ajimobi, who spoke in Ibadan on Friday evening while receiving members of the National Congress Committee of  All Progressives Congress (APC) at the Government House, insisted that no other President in the country has managed the nation’s economy better than Buhari.

The committee led by Musa Aliyu was in the state for the ward congress of the APC held on Saturday.

He said, “I read Economics and Finance, and there is no economic theory that we have not read. The most important part of all the economic theory is leadership.

“And Nigeria is lucky to have that leadership. There is no President in Nigeria that has ever managed the economy like Buhari.”

He further said Buhari was the most credible President that Nigeria has ever produced.

“I was in one of Buhari’s delegation to London and when he was asked to speak he said ‘I have no money to distribute. All I have been selling is my integrity,” he added.

“Politics is just a game that if God plays it, some people will abuse Him no matter the performance. I use to tell the President anytime I meet him not to worry people are abusing him.

“I told him that people abused Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ, who are Godsend not to talk of us ordinary human beings. That is why God has created the world a binary one,” he said.

Ajimobi promised that the congress committee would not be influenced, assuring them of their support.

Earlier, Aliyu said the committee was in Ibadan on a national assignment of the party, which he said the committee would do satisfactorily.

He said that the party was known for internal democracy, adding such was the cardinal principle preached by Buhari, the leader of the party.

“We intend to work closely with the local chapters in achieving the desired success, so that the party will come out strongly.”