Last week, wife of the president, Aisha Buhari posted some controversial videos that have since gone viral.

They were videos of Senator Ben Murray Bruce and Senator Misau criticizing the Nigerian government’s poor handling of the herdsmen crisis in the country.

Mr Bruce particularly said that ministers whose offices are concerned should resign and the leadership that is allowing the killings to go on “should be fired, otherwise they should be impeached”.

Senator Misau also said that there is failure of leadership and there were many things fundamentally wrong.

What shocked everyone was seeing Mrs Buhari promote these opinions against her husband in a series of tweets.

But a Borno state-born lawyer and policy analyst, Daniel Bwala, believes this is a proof that things are indeed wrong.

He argued that this is one woman who probably cares for the president more than anyone else in the country and should be the one to applaud the decisions of the president, right or wrong.

He also recalled how she supported the president during his illness and stay away from office because she believed in his integrity.

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“But when something is wrong, can’t we as Nigerians for once stand up and speak truth to the powers?” he asked.

Another man who is very proud of Mrs Buhari’s supposed criticism of her husband is public analyst, Dr Uche Diala.

“When you take this alongside the comment that ‘she belongs to the other room’, it makes that comment a joke. It means that the President’s wife is liberated, and the president gives his wife that freedom and independence of thought.

“We as citizens, when something is not going right, we have a duty to speak up but speaking up is different form consciously just criticizing,” he said.

Another citizen, Godwin Ogboji says Aisha Buhari has given him hope in Nigeria that religion and tribe will stop to count someday. 

All analysts were guests of Sunday Politics on Channels Television.


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