Ahmed Musa for President, Get Your PVC was the in-thing when Nigeria World Cup hero Ahmed Musa singlehandedly sunk Iceland in Nigeria’s second group game at the Mundial.

Though Musa's public ratings soared to the high heavens on the heels of his performance in Russia, he has emphatically declared that venturing into politics in 2019 or anytime soon is not on his agenda.  

The Leicester City forward told SCORENigeria he does not have any plans to stand for political office and would rather continue to touch lives in his own little way.

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Musa scored twice to down Iceland at Russia 2018 to become Nigeria’s all-time highest scorer at the World Cup with four goals.

Appreciative fans have gone on social media to call on the dashing winger to run for public office following his heroics in Russia.

But the player himself said he will not consider such.

“I am a footballer and not a politician,” Ahmed Musa told SCORENigeria

“I have tried to do the little I could to help others and I will continue to do so.

“I thank God for his many blessings and from there I have tried to change some lives.

“But I don’t have any plans to run for any political office.”

The former CSKA Moscow star has set up several businesses in Nigeria including a petrol station and a multi-sports complex, which employs hundreds of fellow Nigerians.

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