The opposition Peoples Democratic Party has made a few suggestions on what Nigerian leaders should do to promote lasting peace to achieve unity and progress.

It wants leaders to redouble efforts toward building a peaceful nation.

"We must rededicate ourselves toward a better country; governments at all levels, traditional, religious, political and opinion leaders must work toward a better Nigeria," the party said in a statement on Sunday in Abuja.

Resolving Thorny Disagreements

There have been agitations for secession and restructuring of the nation and the PDP believes Nigerians also have a role to play in order for peace to reign.

"As Nigeria celebrates 57 years of nationhood, the citizens must, as a people, pay tribute to the sacrifices of the country's heroes.

"The nation took off on an unstable note with some major disagreements that culminated into the civil war, but it has recorded giant strides over the years.

"We want to call on all Nigerians to use this occasion to reflect deeply on the pillars that brought us together, and work for the growth, unity and stability of our dear country," the statement by Mr Dayo Adeyeye read.


The PDP suggested that governments at all level should engage citizens on peaceful and progressive national issues, and stressed the need to seek meeting points toward resolving thorny disagreements.

"There is no country we can call our own except the Federal Republic of Nigeria; we must protect and sustain her to grow from glory to glory.

"This is the clarion call that we must obey. We must continue to foist our Flag of unity, peace and progress," the statement added.

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