Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) also known as Shi’ites, on Wednesday took to the streets of Abuja to demand for the release of their leader, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky who is being held in state’s custody since 2015.

Hundreds of members of the group including women and children march on the streets with placards bearing inscriptions: “Buhari release Shaikh Ibrahim Zakzaky”, “Shaikh Zakzaky must be released”.
Members of the group were queued in an orderly manner on the street to avoid causing heavy traffic gridlock while armed mobile policemen served as escorts.

According to the statement signed by the Leader of the Youth Wing of the Group also known as Hurras, Yaqub Idris, the demonstration was organised to demand for the release of their leader.

“We peacefully march on this day Wednesday the 2nd of May 2018 to further press for the immediate and unconditional release of our leader and simultaneously mark the birthday of Imam Mahdi (AS) and the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqub El-Zakzaky.

“It could be recalled that the Buhari administration killed over 1,000 members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in the year 2015 alone,” he said.

The group alleged that various kind of tyrannical measures beyond description have been directed against the IMN by the APC-led administration.

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He said continuous alleged persecution, suppression and intimidation would not deter them in continuing the struggle for justice.

They called on President Buhari to obey the laws of the land to immediately release their leader, his wife Malam Zeenatu and those who were arrested during Zaria incident in 2015.

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