More knocks for the president from another close ally after Obasanjo's open letter.

The Senior Pastor of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare has again fiercely attacked President Muhammadu Buhari, asserting that he has failed un his mission to rescue Nigeria.

Bakare said the President Buhari led APC government has performed woefully.

In an interview on Channels and monitored by Bounce News, Bakare said expectations of Nigerians had not been met by the Federal Government and he was particularly disappointed about the handling of killings by herdsmen.

Bakare, who was Buhari’s running mate in 2011 said he hopes he is not forced to do a follow-up video of a side of President Muhammadu Buhari that “he does not know”.

“No matter how you look at it, this is not the government we all hoped for.

"This is not what we thought this government that promised change, in the beginning, would perform so woefully. Any right thinking Nigerian would agree with that,” Bakare said.

“You can blame the past administration but you knew what you were going into even if you didn’t know all of it. They could have done better than what they have done. They themselves know that.

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“I once did a video; ‘the Buhari I know’. And I meant every word. I sincerely did that video. I hope I will not be pushed to do a video, ‘the Buhari I didn’t know’.

“So many things had happened that I couldn’t even figure out. You must know that I must have been pushed to the wall before I spoke.

“They have forgotten that I marched when I didn’t know Jonathan. I didn’t think it was time for me to march again so I didn’t bother to march.”

However, he praised the President for not denying him access but said some of the things he recommended in the past did not end up being implemented.

The pastor said he might be forced to reason along with those who claim a cabal has hijacked the presidency.

“I must give something to President Muhammadu Buhari, every time I had sought an opportunity to see him, he opened the door. And I had gone with different recommendations just as others have done,” he said.

“But, perhaps at implementation state, I did not know whether to believe the theory of a cabal or the wicked around the throne of the righteous. Because he alone cannot deliver all these things. A tree does not make a forest.

“The type of leader you are will determine the type of people you will attract to yourself.”

Asked if he felt Buhari was nepotic, as claimed by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Bakare said, “I had no reason at a time with him to believe he was ever nepotic.
“Because he did say to me he will assemble the best and the brightest and the fittest; east, west, north and south of the country to fix this country.

“But when I read what Obasanjo wrote, and I read the list of key appointments made, you begin to think did they just put the thing on his table to sign or this is just what he did deliberately.

“That’s food for thought.”

Asked if he agreed with former President Olusegun Obasanjo that Buhari should not seek re-election in 2019, Bakare said it was the president’s constitutional right to seek elective office.

“I’ve not joined any Third Force. I’ve not been part of any force. At the right time, we will know what to do because what I see now is what I can envision in the days to come, it’s that this chicken that you see, they are about to eat, they are on intestine.

“Most of these people don’t really care about the development of the government of our nation…They seek power for self, not for service.

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