It has never been this bad for any tech company.

Ride-sharing giant, Uber is struggling to stay out of trouble, but it’s been quite a challenging task.

Few days ago, Uber executives began a trip across several countries to redeem its battered image following series of controversies.

But the tour had barely started when former company’s security manager, Richard Jacobs came forward to accuse the ride-sharing firm of hiring contractors that used ex-CIA agents to spy on corporate rivals.

This latest revelation has triggered a delay in a trial to determine whether Uber stole technology from Google spinoff, Waymo.

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Under questioning, Jacobs, who managed the company’s global intelligence, said that the firm hired several contractors that employed former CIA agents to help the ride-hailing service infiltrate its rivals’ computers.

Jacobs said the surveillance occurred overseas.

The testimony in a San Francisco courtroom Tuesday comes amid revelations that federal prosecutors are investigating allegations that Uber deployed an espionage team to plunder trade secrets from its rivals.

Jacobs was manager of the company’s global intelligence from March 2016 until he was fired seven months ago.

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