One person that understands what it means to negotiate for minimum wage is the former Governor of Edo State, Mr Adams Oshiomhole.

He was a leader of the Nigeria Labour Congress and his efforts in labour affairs in Nigeria contributed to what earned him a governorship position.

Mr Oshiomhole had a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday and they had a private meeting. 

The labour unions in Nigeria want 56,000 Naira as new minimum wage, but Mr Oshiomhole has his worries about the whole thing.

He advocates a win-win situation for the parties involved in determining a new minimum wage for workers in Nigeria.


One thing Oshiomhole will not do is to be dogmatic about the amount being demanded as minimum wage by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC).

His is, however, worried that the approval of a new minimum wage would not translate into the delivery of the money in the pockets of beneficiaries who felt the brunt of the current economic hardship.

“I think for me the problem is not oftentimes getting the numbers. The problem is getting those numbers to be delivered into the pockets of the people.

“I happen to know that as we speak we still have many of my comrades who work; at the end of the month they are not paid.

“And we have couple of my comrades who have retired at the end of the month they are not able to get their pension.

“Those are huge challenges that should be addressed simultaneously because it is not the fact of what is approved that delivers comfort," he told reporters.

Oshimhole noted that the fact that the President inaugurated a committee meant government recognised that the minimum wage could no longer take anybody home.

“Conventionally, it is like a typical market place: those who sell will ask for a higher price and those who buy will demand a lower price.

“For transaction to take place the two parties have to agree otherwise there will be no transaction. I think that is what the tripartite committee is expected to do.

“It is not for me to pontificate about what the figure should be; I believe that we have enough brains in the NLC who know what the irreducible minimum should be,’’ Oshimhole said.

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The former governor had come to wish President Buhari a happy New Year and appreciate him for his leadership of the country and "as APC activist, loyalist and party man re-assure him of my absolute and total support for his government and even for 2019.’’

“It is important that the President Knows that he has men and women who, even at this hour, have huge confidence in his leadership ability,’’ he added.

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