Bernard Eze had undressed and was set to begin the show, unfortunately for him, men numbering over ten stormed the house.

The men forced the door open, dragged him out, and beat him blue and black.

The reason for the aggression was simple - Bernard Eze was caught naked in preparation for sex with a businesswoman, Blessing Monday, popularly called ‘Mama Ejima’, who also happens to be very married.

The incident took place at one Late Onyibe Okoye’s compound.

Narrating the incident, Sunday Itumo said that Bernard has uncontrollable sexual desire, an act that prompted him to have been pestering the woman.

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“Mrs. Blessing had closed her provision shop when the man followed her to her house,” an eyewitness said.

“Bernard got into trouble because of his uncontrollably sexual desire. He decided to visit the woman's house late in the evening.

“Even when the man declined after seeing the woman’s husband clothes in the room, she persuaded him, assuring that no one would molest him.

“He entered the room and offered the woman N1,000.00 for a round of sex.

“He did not know that the woman had intimated her husband about the man’s disturbances.

“Shortly after he had undressed himself, his organ set for mating, the woman's husband and other men numbering over ten, stormed the house. They forced the door open, dragged him out and beat him blue and black.

“His motorcycle, seized from him, was later given back to him, after he accepted he was going to give the youths drinks.”

It's an odd world we live in.

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