Refer to her as the most famous virgin in the Nigerian music industry and you wouldn’t be far from the truth.

Adokiye Kyrian shocked many years ago when she declared that she was still a virgin and would remain so till she got married. 

However, what is more confusing to people is that the singer often posts sultry pictures on her social media pages. This has made some to conclude that she cannot possibly be a virgin.

Adokiye told Sunday Scoop the reason for this. “Those pictures are completely professional. I am an artiste and creativity is part of my job. It is my duty to be 100 per cent professional and if my profession entails me posing sexily, I will do it because it is what I signed up for. Being sexual has nothing to do with my virginity. I am still a virgin and will remain so till I get married,” said the singer.

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“I don’t know why people think the entertainment industry is immoral. It is a profession just like any other. Choosing to remain a virgin was a decision I took for personal reasons. That I am a virgin doesn’t mean that those that are not are bad or that I’m better than them. I want to keep my virginity for my husband and that’s my personal decision.”

Adokiye also shared her thoughts on why female artistes in the industry are not so successful. She said, “It’s not that female artistes don’t succeed; it is just that the people who call the shots in the industry don’t know that female artistes need more attention. 

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