It's not enough to pass through the institution and never look back at your much longer peers.

Through thick and thin the ACHOSA has stood by its own never allowing you to walk alone. 

Under the sun and in the rain ACHOSA will always promote the principles of hard-work and discipline upon which its members characters are built.

In line with the association's vision of achieving and sustaining academic and social excellence, some activities will hold from the 21st to 25th of November, 2017.


• Tuesday -21st November, 2017 - Novelty match at the school premises by 10am.

• Friday -24th November, 2017 - Vocational Training for Students within the School premises by 10am.

• Saturday -25th November, 2017 - Grand Finale Get-together at Diplomat Hotels & Suites, Shonibare Estate Maryland, Ikeja. Red Carpet starts by 12noon.

It's not all fun and games for ACHOSA. There is a drive to rebuild infrastructure to meet modern standards.

Here are some projects outlined as we turn 36:

  • Launch of Proposed N100m School Hall for Junior and Senior students.
  • 100 pieces of students three seaters - table and chairs (50 pieces each for Junior and Senior students). 
  • Reconstruction of the school entrance drive way (putting a stop to the flooding issue at school entrance). 
  • Provision of Wireless Internet modem (free WIFI) each for both junior and senior schools with upfront data payment. 
  • Football team jerseys for both the Junior and Senior schools.
  • Vocational training for the students in three different professions.

The primary objective of these projects is to eradicate cases of illiteracy using education as a tool for national and self-development.

In addition, ACHOSA seeks to look beyond the confines of the class room and school environment to empower these children. 

The idea is to make them budding entrepreneurs who would become self-reliant and not liabilities on the country's already limited resources.

For more info, you can reach the Anniversary Committee Chairman on 08037193495.