If you are in Abuja and have experience the tremors, you do not need to panic.

This is the message of the FCT Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), as it releases numbers and offered advice on what to do if you are around the area that these shakes occur. 

The agency also asked Abuja residents who may be indoors at periods these tremors occur to "stay calm and do not panic; if you stay in a building, locate a safe room, drop down and take cover under desks or tables and hold on tight to it.

"You should stay away from windows and objects that may fall; if you're outdoors, find a clear spot away from buildings, trees and powerlines.

"If you're in the car, slow down and drive to a clear place, stay in the car until the shaking stops," a statement by FEMA read.

It also asked residents of Abuja not worry, emphasising that "there is no likelihood of any earthquake disaster in Nigeria, as we are not in earthquake zone".It also assured residents that the "abnormal situation will soon stop".

In an attempt to allay fears also, the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, advised residents to remain calm.

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"We have all been feeling the earth tremors in Abuja and surrounding areas over the last 48 hours. I know that many people are scared, but please, remain calm and vigilant.

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"At this time, it is important that FEMA and all emergency services be on high alert to prevent the loss of lives and property.

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on FCT, Senator Dino Melaye, has already briefed the FCT Minister on this issue," he said.

Dr. Saraki also gave out numbers residents could call to reach FEMA in the event of emergency.

Call FEMA on the following numbers: 112 (toll free), 0818-888-8766 and 0805-722-4574.

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