Residents of Umuahia in Abia State are no longer at ease even in their homes. 

Toxic air is what they now breath and their fear is that diseases are lurking around. 

The most endangered residents are those living in the capital, Umuahia.

On the streets of the capital are waste dumps that have been there for over one month and the heap is growing. 

umuahia waste and disease.

They may soon witness outbreak of diseases and this would be as a result of what residents described as total neglect of the environment by the government.

A visit to Umuwaya and health centre road shows that the city have been abandoned by the government and its partners.


Those who spoke on condition of unanimity said that 'they pay environmental levies yet do not get commensurate services'.

"The most worrisome of it all is that this ASEPA staff would even beat you up if you fail to pay on time, now see what we are going through" one of them said. 

umuahia waste and disease

They lamented that the unfortunate thing was that the current governor was once deputy general manager of ASEPA who should understand the need for cleanliness.

There is so much environmental issues in Nigeria, including those happening in major cities. 

Health Hazzards Looming 

In Lagos On April 17, Olusosun Dumpsite-fire scared mechanics away from their workshop, caused pandemonium and made people waste man-hour while also exposing themselves to health hazard. 

Health hazard associated with the kind of waste on the streets of Umuahia come as a result of the fact that it will attract rats, breed mosquitos, flies and other insects that transmit one form of disease or the other to man.

Lassa fever cases have been reported in some southeasts state - Enugu, Imo - and the rats identified as transmiting agents of the disease, could be in Umuahia. 

Mosquito increase in the area could trigger malaria epedamic while flies have been known to be one the insects that trasmit diarrhoea diseases such as shigellosis. 

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Waste heeps like the kind in Umuahia can also result to leachate and contamination of ground water and this can result in poisoning of bore holes, bearing in mind that most Nigerians generate their own water just where they live which could be close to these wate dumpsites.

Leachate is the liquid that forms as water from ranfall or dew trickles through contaminated areas and finds its way into the water beneath the earth.