Abia and Cross River states are to hold a joint high-level discussion to resolve the recent border skirmishes between two communities.

The resolution followed a visit by the Deputy governor of Abia state, Sir Ude Oko Chukwu and his Cross River state counterpart, Prof Ivara Esu to Utuama in Biase South Local government area of Cross River state to assess the extent of damage in the community after a land tussle with Isu community in Arochukwu local government of Abia state.

Sir Oko Chukwu and Prof Esu had few days ago visited the Isu community before the return visit to Utuama where they expressed deep sadness on the deplorable refugee situation in the two communities particularly the plight of the innocent children at Okoh Community Primary School, Ikot Okpora in Biase local government.

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The acting governor, Sir Oko Chukwu condemned in its totality the fracas between the two communities and recalled that they used to live in peace as people of one state and intermarried and wondered why the sudden resort to killings and destruction of property all in the name of border skirmishes over land.

He maintained that crisis does not do any good as it brings untold hardship to the people just like what Isu and Utuama communities are presently suffering.

The Abia acting governor said there was no need for the border crisis as it only leads to death while the land remains.

He assured that the two states would work hard for restoration of peace in the areas but called on the people to cooperate with the government to achieve this purpose.

Contributing, Pro Esu reechoed the concern of Sir Oko Chukwu on the negative effect of land dispute and the need to identify the remote cause of the crisis as to find lasting solution and resettle the people back in their homes.

The two deputy governors had earlier visited the paramount ruler of the area, His Royal Highness, Eze Onun Akoh Mba.

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