"At all-at all-na hin bad pass" is a popular saying across Nigeria.

That seems to be what the kidnappers of the six Senior Secondary School students of Igbonla Model College, Epe, are thinking at the moment.

They have reduced the ransom for the release of the students from 400 million Naira to 100 million Naira.

It was gathered that two of the parents were contacted at about 6pm and 7.30pm respectively, by the kidnappers on Friday, informing them of the reduction of ransom to N100 million. 

The caller was said to have advised the parents to reach others and deliberate on how to raise the N100 million, adding also that they should mount pressure on the state government to raise the money for them. 

Request by both parents to speak to their children to ascertain their condition of health were turned down. 

One of  the parents said “I was contacted at about 7.30pm. I was told to tell others that the ransom has been reduced to N100 million. 

"They asked if I had  anything to say. But when I requested to hear from my son, he said that was not the important issue. 

"I told them we have been able to raise N380,000 and he asked if I was bargaining crayfish with him. 

"He spoke in pidgin saying we should go and meet Ambode for assistance or else our children will remain with them until we are ready. He hung up before I could utter another sentence". 

However the police have continued to assure parents and Nigerians at large that they would rescue the children alive.