“Let me say that death belongs to God. Only God can decide and determine when anyone can die and until God decides, I will not die young as the defender of my people".

The Aare Ona Kakanfo-designate of Yorubaland, Gani Adams, said this on Saturday in Lagos.

The National Coordinator of the Oodua Peoples’ Congress told newsmen in Lagos that not all those who held the position in the past had died young as is being speculated.

Adams will become the 15th Aare Ona Kankanfo of Yorubaland when installed.

He said, “Aare title is highly spiritual and I have handed over my destiny and tenure to God.

“The position in the past meant that you have to continually fight wars to protect your people, and may be killed in the process, but that was before Nigeria became a sovereign nation.

“The job in the modern era is limited in terms of physical defence because there are security apparatus to settle disputes.

“However, it has become a position to unify the Yoruba race, defend their interest and believe in their cause.”


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