South African based Nigerian film maker, Akin Omotoso has submitted his film ‘Vaya’  for 2018 Oscar consideration.

His submission is for the foreign-language film category of the Academy Award.

Akin Omotoso received the Achievement for Screenplay for "Vaya" at the AMAA 2017 and a best director win at the same award show.

"Vaya" is inspired by the true life story of some homeless people.

It  follows the story of three strangers, who board a train bound for Johannesburg, each on their own mission, with a simple task to complete and in search of a family to help them.

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Two South African films have previously been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film: "Yesterday" and "Tsotsi".

"Tsotsi" took home that award at the 78th Academy Awards, and became the only South African film to win an Oscar.

Omotoso was born in Nigeria, and  lived in Ile Ife, Osun State until his family emigrated to South Africa in 1992, after taking an academic appointment with the University of the Western Cape.

The award-winning filmmaker, Omotoso is popular for the ongoing EbonyLife TV series “Fifty the Series,” “Jacob’s Cross,” “Man on Ground,” and  “Tell Me Something Sweet”