Practically all of the television and movie content consumed by young children and teenagers in Nigeria are provided by foreign companies and television channels.

Fortunately it appears that trend is about to change as there is an increasing number of companies that are testing the waters of children animation and programming suitable for teenagers and their creative minds.

Film maker, Niyi Akinmolayan and his Antihill studios run an animated web series for children titled "Lola and Chu Chu" and plan to take the big dive into the ambition of becoming the Disney of Africa with an animated feature film.

Also movie director, Charles Novia's TV channel called Teen Africa Television is set to launch online by the end of November, and on cable in April 2018.

Teen Africa Television is expected to feature 100% Nigerian  content. ‘

"After years of hard work and sleepless nights, with the journey still far from being over, my channel, Teen Africa Television prepares to launch in a two-phased plan by the end of November," Novia said.

Then there is Komotion studios and their soon to be released 3D animation short film titled "Dawn Of Thunder" which tells the story of popular Yoruba god, Sango.

There is also a feature film, titled 'Dognapped' that uses live-action animation, that is where animation is used in real life.

By 2018, it is expected that Nigeria would have gotten a leg through the door of children content, and open a viable ‘new market’ for Nollywood to the world.