Days after the name was changed and a new testament was opened staff of 9Mobile have been sleeping with one eye open.

But the government is assuring them that they have no cause to worry.

The Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shittu, held a meeting with the new management of the company on Tuesday in Abuja and he asked them to work hard to revive the company.   

He told reporters that the Federal Government had stepped in to the crisis presently faced by Etisalat to save Nigerian employees as well as subscribers.

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“The Federal Government would not fold its hand and allow the company to die, in view of its economic importance to the nation.

“About 20 million Nigerians subscribe to the network, many are employed by it, Nigerian banks are stakeholders, hence the government’s quick intervention to rescue the company from creditors determined to take over the company,” he said.

The minister gave an assurance that the management of 9Mobile the Federal Government would always support the telecommunication sector by providing an enabling environment for the industry to thrive.

Earlier, the leader of 9mobile's management team, Boye Olusanya, commended the Minister for the role he had played to ensure that the company did not fold up.

Boye requested that the Minister should also intervene in the areas of Multiple Taxation, Foreign Exchange, Right of Way (RoW) and security of infrastructure that would ease operations in the sector.

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