The world as you know it keeps changing with each second that passes. 

Humans have become more competitive and search for skills that cannot be replicated by chips, computers and machines are on the rise.

Our children (who are now known as the Millennials) are quite resourceful.

Their attention spans might be shorter than ours but their quest for success is daily driven by innovations in technology and their new second homes - social media platforms.

Bearing in mind that our adolescents have also shown that classroom knowledge is not enough to survive in the 21st century with Nigeria's unemployment rate on the rise month-on-month; it would be foolish of us to allow our children drift along these same blurred lines.

Some parents have kept their children busy still in school just because they do not want them to be at home. They do not want their presence to affect their jobs.

Others have sent their kids to holiday with their grand-parents just to also make sure they have enough time.

Children learning skills at holiday

‘My children’s case is different’ you will say, but we must at one point in time always remember that it is always good to count the cost of a venture before embarking on it.

This long holiday is a period to make children more productive using their hands to do something tangible.

It has become necessary for parents to engage their children in crafts that they have passion for.

Find a place where they can acquire a skill. This skill could become their source of income even before they graduate from higher institutions.  

While we wait for Nigeria to change, empower them to take their destiny in their own hands;

1.       Learn how to sew

2.       Learn how to cook

3.       Learn how to become a makeup artist

4.       Learn how to build mobile applications

5.       Learn how to make slippers, shoes

6.       Learn how to make Ankara bags, umbrella and shoes

7.       Learn how to sing or play a musical instrument

8.       Learn how to make beads

9.       Acquire some football skill - Your boy or girl could become a great footballer - you remember Neymar was signed for 198 million pounds - don't try converting to naira it's the country's annual budget in almost 4 places.