This is a perfect example of occupational hazard.

A total of 82 persons including employees of electricity distribution companies, Transmission Company of Nigeria, as well as power consumers lost their lives in various accidents in Nigeria’s power sector between January and July this year.

According to the Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency, 14 employees of both TCN and the Discos, and 68 other victims, who were classified as third-party individuals, lost their lives during the period under review, Punch reports.

In its report on the Safety Ranking for Discos and the TCN from January to July 2017, which was released this August, NEMSA stated that 67 accidents with fatalities had so far been recorded this year.

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It explained that the power sector had also witnessed 37 accidents with only injuries, adding that 59 persons were injured in the process.

The agency went further to state that 24 people among the injured persons were workers of both the Discos and the TCN, while 35 were third party individuals.

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