Several times Anita woke up at night crying like she had had a nightmare.

Her mother could not understand what had happened on the first few occasions.

She had managed to put her to sleep again, but this last time, her strategy was not working. 

Her attempt to calm Anita proved ineffective.

She noticed Anita's shimmy had become wet like water had been poured on her clothes.

The toddler was sweating profusely even while her body was supposedly resting.

Her mother quickly grabbed a bottle of water she had kept handy and gave her a drink.

She could hear the sound of water running through the dry throat as Anita took in large gulps of water like someone that had just ended a marathon.

She was dehydrated.


The heat is here and it could be so much of a tough time for children.

From sweats to rash on their body and then troubled sleep at night.

It could be so unbearable and dehydrating for children whom have no idea of what to do or toddlers who cannot communicate effectively.

Here are a few things parents can do to minimise the impact of the heat

1.       Control the amount of sunlight that comes into their bed room. If you do not have control over that, ensure that their window curtains or blinds are raised and in some cases open the doors.

2.       Give them cold baths when they return from school and before they go to bed. If you cannot use could water, ensure the water is look-warm.

3.       Get anti-rash powder or prepare one yourself with native chalk. Apply generously especially at night.

4.       Ensure they wear only 100% cotton clothes during the day and at night.

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5.       If you can afford it, get a rechargeable fan that could last through the night.

6.       Make sure that their bedsheet is also 100% cotton to help regulate the amount of heat it can absorb.

7.       Having a wet towel available to dab their bodies is not a bad idea as well.

8.      Increase their water intake over a period of time.

Happy children are productive children.