The 2018 Big Brother Naija is barely 3 weeks away and the buzz is already catching on across the country.

Who will win season 3?

We wait to spend many weeks calculating and postulating on who will be evicted at each stage.

In the meantime, here are 7 unforgettable moments from Season 2 which provided 78 days of non-stop excitement and intrigue.

1. Triple T’s Naked Body

The show became engaging from the very first week. It was campaign week for the housemates, who were to solicit  for likes and win fellow housemates over.

The housemates told emotional stories to push their campaign, but Thin Tall Tony (Triple T), did the previously classified 'unimaginable act'.

He pulled off all his clothes saying that Big Brother Naija was his last hope. Crazy stuff but it worked like magic!

2.  Bisola’s Alleged Blow Job On Triple T

Bisola and the Thin Tall Tony were romantically involved. At least that was what Bisola thought.

During one of the Wwekly Saturday parties, the duo spent time under the sheets, in a position that looked like Triple T was served some sugar on the down low. Both of them have since denied the allegation saying they were only fooling around.

3. When Gifty Did Not Recognize Banky W

Her sudden eviction may be tied to this reason. Mr. Capable walked into the house and she suddenly developed amnesia.

Gifty will later say that she did it on purpose (she might have still being lying, we will never know).

During Banky W's visit to the Big Brother Naija house, Gifty was caught on live tv asking Tboss who Banky W was.

It increased her popularity and also led to her being voted off the reality show.

She put the final nail on her eviction when she told Biggie that she had seen the "proudness" in Banky W during his visit.

4. Open Breast Season

It was Breast season on BBNaija, with TBoss and CocoIce being the biggest ‘winners’.

First TBoss caused a social media uproar when she put her pierced breasts on display in January, while changing her clothes.

In February, CoCoIce caused a stir on social media after she first exposed her breast then put it inside Bassey’s mouth.

In interviews granted after the show by both ladies claimed that there was nothing to regret.

Interesting abi!

triple t

5. TBoss Could Not Recite The National Anthem

After the truth or dare game that took place in the Big Brother House, when TBoss was asked to recite the national anthem, she might have been considering adopting her Romanian heritage.

During a truth and dare game in Season 2, Debie-Rise dared TBoss to recite the first and second verses of the Nigerian National Anthem.

TBoss struggled with the words, then broke down in tears, before accusing  Debie-Rise of trying to undermine her in a critical week.

6. Kemen’s Eviction For Sexually "Molesting" Tboss

During the show, a video of Kemen touching TBoss while she slept went viral.

Following the deed, Big Brother had a disciplinary session with Kemen and Tboss, before reaching a verdict  to disqualify Kemen for touching Tboss inappropriately without her consent.

Kemen made a public apology for the incident but we will never know what really happened.

7. TBoss  Claimed She Could Spend 25 million Naira In A Week

TBoss mentioned that she wasn't in the house for the money during an argument with Bisola.

She also told Efe that she could spend 25 million in a week and that she has wealthy men with private jets ‘hitting’ on her.

She also gradually built up the Boss Nation which was constantly at war with those against her perceived extremism.

What moments are you looking forward to as Big Brother Naija season 3 draws closer. Remember to Expect The Unexpected.