It's the beginning of a new year and the quest for great skin continues.

The truth is for the most part, genes and individual body composition have a significant role to play in skin appearance. However, personal habits can also go a long way in helping anyone achieve beautiful skin.

Moral of the story; no matter how bad your skin is, it can always be nurtured to good life. That said, here are 7 healthy skin care habits worth taking on this new year

1. Have a night-time routine

Every night should be like spa day. After bath, cleanse your face with a toner and apply a night cream suitable for your skin type. A toner is important to get rid of impurities that can't quite be tackled with soap, while a night cream is important to keep your skin hydrated. It's also important to exfoliate as frequently as your skin type demands. Of course, it goes without saying that sleeping with make-up is a big NO!

2. Visit a spa every so often

Asides having a dedicated night time routine, a visit to the spa every now and then is necessary to get that extra glow. 

3. Stick to a product that works

Ladies, quit jumping from one product to the next. If you find a product or two that work for you, stick to them and only interchange when it appears like your skin has become used to it and it's no longer as effective (this happens). 

4. Choose your soap wisely

The first skin care process starts from your soap, so be intentional about what you use. Go for something that suits your skin type because what works from Adanna may not work for Bola.

5. Be consistent

It takes time to really begin to see results, months. So be patient and consistent. In time you'll begin to notice the difference you seek.

6. Try natural products

Items like turmeric and honey are very effective in toning and moisturising the skin. So you may want to consider DIY masks or even natural skin care products like black soap. 

7. Understand your skin

Above all, it's important you take the time to study your skin and understand what works for you. If you suffer break outs, try to check what could have triggered it - period, change of beauty product etc. When you understand what and how your skin works, then it'll be easier to determine what product to use to achieve your beauty goal.