This weekend, you may be planning to ride Uber to one of those parties or other engagement.

Despite some degree of safety that the taxi-hailing app provides, you still need to be careful and take some safety measures on your own.

Here are 7 tips from an Uber driver and shared by Daily Family you need not ignore as you hail your ride.

1. Ask the driver what his name is. If the name on the screen does not correspond with the name they give you, do not get in.

2. Always make sure that the car and registration plate match.

3. Do not get into the car if it is not the car described on the screen, no matter what, even if the driver claims that they just switched cars with another driver. Notify Uber immediately if that happens.

4. Ask the driver to open the boot of the car to see if someone is hiding in there (usually they climb in from the boot into the backseat and attack).

6. Do not get in the car if there is another passenger in the car, even if the driver claims that the passenger is just completing a trip.

7. Share your trip details with your loved ones. All Uber trips can be tracked using GPS. A rider is able to monitor his/her own trip in the Uber app and share their estimated time of arrival with their loved ones.

That way, friends and family keep track of their location all through the trip, and they don’t even need to download the app.