So much has been said about Borno State and for many Nigerians, that state is a no-go-area.

Terrorism is one thing that comes to mind the moment the State is mentioned and some people have labelled it Boko Haram state.

The state has seen years of insurgency but there is more to the state than meets the ears and eyes.

When Bounce News visited Borno State there were signs that a lot had been achieved in the area of security but that is not the major focus here.

Take the insurgency away, the state has so much that you do not know about.

1. Great Effort In Tackling Climate Change

Borno is located in a region that is very close to the desert and its effect can be seen right on the streets.

The breeze, the sun and the dryness you feel while working on the street will not stop to remind you that you are in the northern part of Nigeria.

Things you don't know about borno neem tree

One thing that reduces the harshness of the climate on anyone that visits the state is the presence of neem trees. Right from the airport to the city centre, the trees are welcoming.

It helps a great deal to mitigate the impact of the heat on the residents and give some soothing relief when you walk by the road side.

It can withstand the dry season to a very large extent and that is why different administrations have devoted time and money to planting them.

2. Road Network

Roads in the capital city of Borno State, Maiduguri, and neighbouring communities are what some residents of Lagos State wish for.

The interlocking tiles used for walkways make trekking interesting and causes less damage to your shoes.

Borno road network

You can almost drive with your eyes closed around the capital city of Borno.

3. The Kind Of Bicycle

I was quite shocked to realise that bicycle riding in the state could be fun. It is a common means of transportation for students schooling within the metropolis. 

Things you don't know about borno

The bicycles you find in Borno are quite different from what is available in other cities in Nigeria and it sure makes you know you are in the north.

4. Beautiful Housing Estate

When Bounce News saw this estate very close to Zannah Umar Mustapha Garden, we wondered if it dropped from the sky. It is a beauty to behold.

Things you don't know about borno

One could almost think it is located in Lagos, right in the middle of this estate with apartments that would be mortgaged to civil servants.

5. Inter-state Journey And Safety

When you are travelling within Borno, the presence of security operatives and civilian JTF give a feeling of safety even though the checkpoints are only operational during the day.

They leave the road before 6:00 p.m.  local time every day and return to local council areas where they provide security overnight.

At several points, passengers of buses are checked, with bags searched to ensure Boko Haram members do not freely move around the state with explosives.

This is one reason explosions do not really occur in the capital city.  

military post in Borno State

One lovely place to stay if you are concerned about safety is the Command Guesthouse in Baga Road, Maiduguri. It belongs to the Nigerian Army and safety is considerably guaranteed.

6. The People's Love For Keke

In Maiduguri, it is easy to see that the people of Borno State love Autorickshaw, popularly referred to as keke. 

Things you don't know about borno

It is the major means of transportation within the capital city and it appears more organised than what you have in Lagos.  

Most youths have embraced it as means of livelihood. 

7. You Won’t Miss Local Food

Local food is one thing that any visitor in Borno will want to quickly grab and enjoy.

One joint to find such food if you are new to Borno is ALMUBARAK RESTAURANT.

Things you don't know about borno

If you have an opportunity to visit Borno grab it with both hands and enjoy your stay there. Boko Haram does not move on the streets.