Nigerian actress and filmmaker, Caroline Danjuma on Tuesday accused Nigerian singer Davido and his crew of dumping the body of her friend, Tagbo Umeike in a general hospital after he died suddenly.

Caroline called out Davido on her Instagram page and accused him of having a hand in Tagbo’s death.

1.    Tagbo Umeike has been around quite a couple of pop stars and entertainers, Including Modenine.

2.    According to Caroline Danjuma Tagbo never drank to an extent of getting drunk. She also claims that must be foul play involved in his death.

3.    Caroline Danjuma, alleged that Tagbo’s body was dumped by Davido and his crew at a General Hospital, an allegation that  Davido has since denied.

4.    There is a video of Tagbo drinking and someone shouting out that he doesn't have the body to consume all the alcohol in front of him. He died a few hours after this video was shot.

5.    A source close to Davido’s crew claim that they met late Tagbo at a Shisha Room in Lekki, but left him there to attend another party. Davido was only informed of Tagbo’s unfortunate death.

6.    Tagbo could have died from alcohol poisoning. This occurs when an individual is overdosed with alcohol. The person has blood alcohol content sufficient to produce impairments that increase the risk of harm.

An overdoses can range in severity; from problems with balance and slurred speech to coma or even death.

See the video below