Everybody likes money. But not all are willing to do what it takes to get it.

Some are ready to cut corners and do the unthinkable but that kind of wealth has been discovered to give temporary satisfaction.

Here are a few guides an individual can apply to make legitimate money and sleep with both eyes closed.

1.       Acquire A Skill That A Machine Cannot Replicate

Unemployment is growing in almost all nations across the world and technology has been identified as one of the reasons this is happening.

Machines can do what humans do and in some cases they do better.

The Guardian wrote: “At the McDonald’s on the corner of Third Avenue and 58th Street in New York City, hungry patrons are welcomed not by a cashier waiting to take their order, but by a “Create Your Taste” kiosk – an automated touch-screen system that allows customers to create their own burgers without interacting with another human being.

A human used to take the orders.  

There are still some jobs, however that machines will not perform and getting a skill in that area is highly rewarding. One of such skills is video editing (movie and music) – software is needed but an individual will be the one that knows where to add transitions and other effects.

2.       Go After Knowledge

Knowledge is what empowers any individual on earth and the more knowledge you acquire in your chosen filed, the better you get at it, leaving those who are not as willing to study behind.

3.       Discipline

In the cause of learning a skill and using it to earn money, an individual needs DISCIPLINE. He needs to be able to know how to apportion time to learning and when to stay with family. An individual also requires discipline to stick to a budget, not spending more than needed.

Life is in stages and men are in sizes. Knowing how to ensure that your expenses fall within your budget is not as easy as you think.

4.       Diligence

There is a scriptural saying that a diligent person will stand before kings and not before mean men.

Diligence is needed to be able to move from one stage to the height of perfection with what you do.

Your skill will put you in a position where you will earn a lot when you are outstanding, and getting to that height requires that you give time to doing your job over and over again to perfect it.

There are many tailors, but just a few make clothes for Governors and Presidents. Aspire to be in that class.

5.       Be Prudent In Spending

Thrift is what creates the gap between the rich and the poor most times.

Rich people know what their needs are and do not satisfy their wants. In economics, we learnt the scale of preference that talks about itemising our needs.

This helps control expenses and ensure that we stick to our budget. From every income, an individual is supposed to understand that a certain amount of money should be set aside.

Financial experts recommend that you set aside between 10% to 15% of your income for the rainy day and not spend it. Impulse buying is one thing that you must overcome.

6.       Invest

Investing money in different ventures and not keeping it in a savings account will help you hedge against inflation and also ensure that the money grows.

There are different areas to invest and an individual needs the advice of experts in those fields to be able to take full advantage of the opportunities therein.

A few areas to look at are, shares, treasury bills, bonds, small businesses that cater for humans’ basic needs – Food, Shelter, clothes and information.

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7.       Follow The Principles Of Seed And Harvest Time

There is a time to sow and there is a time to reap and for every seed sown there is almost always something to reap. The difference depends on the size of seed sown, the soil and the time of sowing.

Learn to give to the needy and also to humanity as a whole and it will come back to you.